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Encounter God

(noun) an unexpected or casual meeting with


Through His death on the cross, and then coming back from the dead, Jesus took all of your wrong and gave you all of His right. If you believe that and commit to following Him, your life will never be the same. It’s as simple as repenting of your sin, believing Jesus is who He says He is, and declaring you want to follow Him.

  • Salvation in Jesus is the first step on the greatest journey of your life. You haven’t finished the race—you’ve just gotten started.

  • Baptism is going public about your faith in Jesus and communicating to the world your heart-felt commitment to following Him. It’s the next step after salvation.


Engrave His Word

(verb) the process of making a print


You can’t have a close relationship with someone you never talk to. It’s impossible. God’s word—the Bible—is the primary way He speaks to us. And it’s the absolute best way to discover how to follow Jesus on a daily basis.

The Bible tells us the truth of who God is. Discipleship is the process of becoming like Christ. God doesn’t just want you to know about Jesus, he wants you to become like Jesus. Spiritual growth is a choice. If you want to know more about God and His promises, reading the Bible is your next step.


Engage Others

(verb) participate or become involved in


God created us to be in a relationship with Him. He also created us to be in community with others as well. We were designed for community, to connect with other people and build lasting relationships. Why? To study God’s Word, pray, care, and serve one another.

 You are too valuable to sit on the sidelines! You next step is to be plugged into a small group and begin serving within the church.


Embrace the World

(verb) support willingly and enthusiastically


God is at work in the world, and He wants you to join Him. This assignment is called your mission, and it is different from your ministry. Your ministry is your service to believers in the Body of Christ, while your mission is your service to unbelievers in the world. God created you for both.

The mission that Jesus had while on earth is now our mission since we are the Body of Christ. Your next step is to be a witness for Christ by sharing His story and your story.


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